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What to do if you slip and fall on a store rug

turkish rugsFalling on a store can happen, but what matters most is for you not to be seriously injured. The thing you have to understand however is that you don’t have to incur any form of expenses when the fault has not been yours.

In fact, the truth remains that when you fall on a store, especially on a Turkish rug, it most likely must have been due to the negligence of the store owners or management team. In any case, you have to any of the good law firms around you to press charges so that you can recover damages for their negligence. But apart from this, there are some little things you need to put in mind when this kind of incident happens.


Seeking medical help
In a lot of situations, falling on a Turkish rug shouldn’t cause serious injuries but sometimes it does. When this happens, make sure you see a doctor right away because it helps you strengthen your case against the store owners. In fact, most law firms will require this from you to present as a piece of evidence in the case. Thus, seek medical care no matter how light the injury seems to be.

turkish rugsExamining the area
You also need to check the area where the incident happened and document your findings. Look around for anything that might be the cause of the fall.

Documenting your memories of the incident
Make sure you put down your memories of the incident when it is still fresh in the mind This documenting should include not only the accident itself but also the things that happened before and immediately after it.

Recording witness details
A lot of law firms will even let you know how important this is in your claim of negligence against the store so don’t ever forget to do it Collect not only the names but also contact information of any individual around when the accident happened. Endeavor to get information from everybody, even if they didn’t see the fall in actuality provided they were around when it happened. The witnesses can be of service through their observation of the aftermath.

Filing a report
Sometimes, you would be on a good start by following the laid down reporting procedure when the incident happens. It might just save you a lot of time and stress instead of trying to find a resolution or negotiate with them. In addition, in a situation where a person comments about something similar happening before or concerns about it possibly happening, try to get their name and make a comment immediately you leave the store.Take pictures. It’s best to take pictures as soon as the incident happens so you have a record of the conditions that led to the accident.

Avoiding unnecessary talks
Sometimes, when you fall on a Turkish rug or any other flooring of a store, it is best not to talk about what happened or start pointing fingers. This is because the owner of the store or their witness may repeat a wrong or unneeded comment you might have made in court which could affect your case against them.