Interesting Facts About Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs have been existence since the last 200 years as it is considered as the highest traded goods among the ancient people and it still holds prominence in the present times. These rugs are also used as
wall coverings and floor covers and hence you will need to know the interesting facts about handmade rugs. The possession of this item is known as status symbol and art pieces as it is popular from the past centuries and
you can also find them at many households in the present times. These handmade rugs are also
known to have long history among the countless cultures and thousands of years in the world.

5 Interesting Facts About Handmade Rugs that you need to know

These rugs have stood against test of time through the different cultures and generations as rug enthusiast prefer adorning their homes with the best quality rugs.  The rug making art and technique is still prevalent
in the present times as it has evolved from the pre-history period and it has also witnessed different variations and designs.

Handmade rugs are made from the hair of different animals like goat, camel and sheep and the end product that you get will depend on the quality of hair or fleece of these animals. The rug weaving technique has been changed over the years but the core technique still remains the same as it helps in creating the best
rugs that will work for covering the desired walls and floors of the homes.

The uniqueness of the rugs differ from one piece to another as it is known for its comfort level, design and beauty that makes it stand out from the other rugs. Moreover the handmade rugs differ from the machine made options as these are more beautiful and attractive than its counterparts.

The price of the handmade rugs are higher than the machine ones as it require a more amount of time and intensive labor for creating a piece of excellence in the form of the handmade rugs. The weaver incurs greater costs for producing superior product in the form of the rugs that is made with highest details to care, design and quality of the product.

There are different materials that are used for making the handmade rugs which includes cotton, silk, wool or
combination of all three of these materials for creating the most beautiful and attractive rugs. Moreover there are intricate floral designs and other designs that are used in these rugs which are primarily made with the help of natural dyes that are derived from the plants.

The color of each rugs varies greatly and the each color signifies something so that you need to select the color that you love that will be used for decorating your home.

The price of the handmade rugs is dependent on the amount of time, labor and raw materials that are used for completing the entire process so that it will get an amazing look that will suit your tastes and preferences in a perfect manner.