Turkish Antique Rugs And Carpets

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We are the leading providers of the best quality Turkish rugs and carpets. Our production unit is proud to say that the rugs and carpets will last a generation with proper maintenance. The designs on them are unlike any other on a market.

A wide selection of antique Bakhtiari rugs

The selection is vast and so are the varieties. You will surely be happy with the options we provide.

traditional craft


4′ 3″ x 5′ 6″ 


8′ 2″ x 10′ 5″


4′ 2″ x 6′ 8″


4′ 4″ x 6′ 9″

Ladik Rug

3′ 4″ x 5′ 10″


3′ 6″ x 5′ 7″

Styles & origin carpets

You can adorn your living room with the spectacularly designed carpets that we provide. They are available at reasonable prices as well. Most of them are original designs done by our highly qualified designers.

Rugs specifications

genuine materials made in turkey

1' 9 x 3' 1 Kars Rug


2' 7 x 5' 4 Anatolian Rug


3' x 5' Anatolian Oriental Rug


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Turkish Antique Rugs

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Good quality & collections

I checked it out immediately and was very impressed. Now I am happy to say my living is much more vibrant because of the carpets I purchased. The quality is exceptional the collection of rugs they carry is impressive too.

Addie J. Cox

from our clients

“After I moved into my new home, the rooms were pretty dull. But after I put in some carpets and rugs the rooms are much livelier, people ask me about where I got them all the time

– Larry E. Acosta

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